Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I have had a few really good days and today was no different until my mother-in-law called Mexico. One of Juan's cousins just gave birth to twins. They were early and her baby boy passed away. Her sweet girl was transported to a NICU in Guadalajara. As far as we know she is holding her own, but details are sketchy due to the fact the his cousin doesn't want anything to do with her. I am so MAD right now!!! She took the little boy home and buried him in a back pasture. She tried to hide the fact that he even existed. She won't go see her little girl who is fighting for her life and in fact will probably abandon her. Juan does have an uncle who has been married for about 14 yrs. and has not been able to have children. I am praying that they will be able to adopt her and give her the life she deserves. It is so not fair! I wanted my baby so badly and he was taken from me and this (swear word) was given 2 and didn't take care of herself, so one died and she doesn't want the other. What is wrong with this picture???? I'm just going to say it.... It's not fair!!!! I am praying for this little girl. I hope she can have a happy ending. If things don't work out for Juan's uncle I will fly down there and bring her home with me. This cousin doesn't deserve to have her.

On top of all that, I was just given the news that a friend's sister lost her baby today. She was 1 week further along than I was when I delivered. Her sweet angel girl lived for 1 hour before she returned home. So all the feelings I had came flooding back. My heart is breaking for her right now. Please keep her in your prayers. She is going to need all that she can get for awhile.

Ok my venting session is over. It really does help to just write it down and get it out. I will post some more upbeat and positive things soon I promise.

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