Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prayers are greatly needed...

Well I have 2 requests for prayers. The first is for an old friend of mine. We worked together for 6 years at a local hospital. This last Saturday while she was at work her wonderful husband was watching their 9 year old daughter who is deaf and their 6 year old daughter who has a form of spina bifida. Midway into her shift she got a call that her husband was in the ER. He had a massive heart attack and unfortunately did not make it. She is such an amazing person and an inspiration to me. She is one who always puts the needs of others first. She has been an amazing mother to her 2 beautiful girls. She doesn't look at them as having special needs. They are normal little girls full of life. Her husband was the same way. They were an amazing couple. He supported her in ways that many women don't get. My heart is just breaking for her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

My second request seems so selfish to me after seeing what my friend is going through, but I am really feeling like I need your prayers. Ever since I lost Juanito I have been having health problems. My biggest problem are my ears and an ongoing infection in the bones behind them. I had tubes placed in my ears about a month ago, but they are not doing their job. Yesterday I went back to the doctor and he feels like the only option is to operate again. They will make an incision behind the ear lift it forward and scrape out the infected air cells in the mastoid bone. They can only do one ear at a time, so I will get to endure this twice. I am really bummed out. I was hoping to be able to try for my rainbow baby soon, but that does not look likely. My first surgery will be the end of this month. I then have to recover and go in for the next maybe in May.
I feel so selfish asking for prayers when there are families out there who need them more. I just am unsure what else I can do. It's been hard enough to be suffering from a broken heart, but having my health compromised with has made this journey very difficult. I am also feeling very guilty for wanting to try for another baby so soon. I never want to forget Juanito, but I feel like I have the room in my heart to love another one just as much as him. I am scared that as I get older my Hoshimoto's is going to take over and cause fertility problems. I'm already seeing signs of that happening. I guess this week is my week to have a great big pitty-party and you all are invited!


  1. I will be praying for your friend! What a heartbreak!

    I will also be keeping you in my prayers. Don't feel guilty for asking for prayer. We all have different needs and nothing is too big or too small for God!

    That ear pain really must be something. I have had some fluid in my ears for a few months and my ear hurts on and off and it causes me some dizziness. I can't imagine what you are going through.

    As for the Rainbow Baby, I do not think that there is a specific time frame that we have to go by. I believe that God readies our hearts.I was ready to try again right after losing Faith, but so far it hasn't happened! I am also 45 so I am getting kind of old!

    Praying your surgery goes well!


  2. Oh my goodness my heart breaks thinking of your friend. I will definately keep her in my prayers.

    I will also keep you in my prayers. It is not selfish to ask for prayers. We are all in need of them from time to time. I will also pray that God blesses you with your rainbow baby. Take care and big ((hugs)).

  3. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. That is so devastating. They sound like such a sweet family.

    And like Lisette said, it's not selfish to ask for prayers, we all need them. I will be praying for your friend and her girls and for you.