Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All my many Thank Yous!!!

Ok I have been such a slacker with publicly thanking those who have taken pictures of Juanito's name, sent little gifts, made gifts, and just plain did something nice for me during this time. I am not going to post pictures of what they did but I have finally attached their blog to the pictures in the sidebars of my blog. So here goes the list and the many THANK YOUS from my family and I. You have helped to make this trying time easier for us. For that I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Franchesca- Juanito's name collage and my blog makeover
Brini- Juanito's valentine
Jill-Juanito's rock pictures
Lisette-Juanito's Easter egg
Antoinette-Juanito's Daisy
Carly-Juanito's name in the sand and Juanito's Rose
Jaime- Juanito's name on the ice
Jennifer-Juanito's name in the clouds
Amanda-Juanito's name in the stars
Lisa-Juanito's name at the waterfall
Grandma of an angel-Juanito's name by the shells
Bree-Juanito's butterfly
Laura-Juanito's name meaning
Tiffany-Juanito's name on the sidewalk
Lea-Juanito's angel wings
Misty-Juanito's shell and cherub

Things I have not posted pictures of yet due to memory card issues are (You will get another thanks later!):
My Juanito Photo pendant
My awareness bracelet
My memory box
My grieving package
My handkerchief
My wooden plaque
My Juanito embroidered frame
My comfort bear

Well and just a great big THANK YOU to all my blog readers. I am so thankful to have you as my support. I wish none of us had to be in this situation, but since we are I am thankful for each and everyone of you! You have helped me through this grieving process and helped me to understand that what I am feeling is normal. Without you this would be a much more difficult road. Well and to be honest an even sadder road to travel.


  1. It was my pleasure to write your little Juanito's name! And thank you to you for continuing to support me through this journey as well.