Thursday, April 15, 2010

I need your help...... Actually my kiddos need your help!

My cute 12 year old and 8 year old have decided to participate in a walk-a-thon. All money that they earn will be donated to underprivileged students at a local school. They really want to be able to do this in honor of their little angel brother. I thought it was so sweet when they came to me and said they wanted to do it for Juanito. The only problem is all money has to be turned in by the 26th of April. With my surgery and everything that has been going on I didn't realize that the walk-a-thon was this month. So I am asking all my friends for help with pledges. Any amount will help these 2. If you would be willing to help out please leave me your full name, what state you live in, your email address and the amount you can pledge in a comment and I will email you our mailing address. Checks can be made out directly to Suncrest Elementary if you would prefer not to send cash. Also if you could just pass on the word about this to your friends I would really appreciate it. Juanito's due date is fast approaching and instead of celebrating his birth we will be doing good in his name. THANKS!!!!

UPDATE: I didn't think about it, but if you would rather send it via paypal I can send you an email request! Thanks to Franchesca for reminding me!!!


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet Juanito. I wish we didn't have to be on this journey, but I'm glad we have this community, like you said. (((HUGS)))

  2. Michelle, sweetie I want you to read my post today 4/18 i have mentioned you for something..its a surprise...sending you hugs today

  3. Michelle--if you send a paypal request, I'd love to donate! Don't know how to do that but my email is