Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 5 Month Birthday Sweet Baby Boy

Wow! Has it really already been 5 months? Time has flown by, yet I feel as if it is standing still. I can't believe it has alrady been 5 months since I held him, five months since my hopes and dreams of him shattered, five months since I started my new life. This has been the hardest months I have ever had to endure and trust me we have been through a lot!

Today was spent with my other children. We decided to come down and spend the night at my parents house. We went up and got Juanito's plot all decorated at the cementary. It looks so nice. I am going to dress the kids up and take pictures of them with his placque tomorrow morning. I will post pictures Tuesday when we get home. We have also talked to a couple of people about his headstone. I hope to have that in by Memorial Day of next year. I can't wait to have a real place to call his own. I just wish it could be the bedroom next door to mine instead of a hard piece of ground in the middle of nowhere. But at least I will have a place of reflection where I can go visit and cry for my baby, decorate cute just for him, and make with all my love. At least I will have something that I can do in honor of my precious angel. I love and miss you so much baby bird. Give Chloe a big squeeze from me and tell her I am so sorry!

Now on to the results of the giveaway...........

I used and the number that was chosen was the number 1.
Congratulations to Megan!!! Let me know which one you would like and I will get it to you.


  1. My heart is with you as you spend another month without precious Juanito.(((HUGS)))

  2. Thinking of you Michelle! Sending you giant (((hugs)))

  3. happy 5 months to Juanito ((hugs)).

  4. Happy 5 months sweet boy. Praying for you. xxx

  5. Can't believe where the time goes! So nice for you to have a place for him. It's so frustrating to not have a special place.
    As for the giveaway...I am so surprised! They all sound so cute, but I think I will go with the butterfly. Thanks!!!!!

  6. Happy 5 month birthday Juanito! ♥