Monday, May 3, 2010

Illegal Immigration

Ok I know I said I wasn't going to be on here much anymore, but I'm at work and I have something bugging me, so I need to get it off my chest. The topic is Illegal Immigration.

I have been reading a lot of blogs and FB posts about the Arizona bill and Illegals in our country. Let me start off by first saying I am not for Illegal Immigration, but I think that the way our country has handled it is wrong. I am just going to put this out there..... My husband is here illegally!!! We have been trying for years to get his paperwork done, but the current system that we have in place makes if all but impossible to get it done. I guess if we wanted to separate our family and lose everything we own then we could do it, but we have worked way too hard and fought far too long for our family and what we have to do that. Our country's system is screwed up!! I know that many out there feel differently than I do and that's OK. I respect everyone's opinion, but remember everyone has one!

So this post is coming from the wife of an illegal. I first want to start off by saying I have never met a man so devoted to his family and their future than my husband. He has his flaws, but overall he is such an amazing person and I couldn't be more proud to be his wife. I have a very soft spot for Hispanics in general. I love their culture and the fact that they are so family oriented. I feel that because of the value they put on family is the reason why we have such a problem with illegal immigration into this country. They are coming from poor home lives where they have no chance at giving their children the lives they feel they deserve. They risk their lives to come to this country in hopes that their children will be better off than they are. They take jobs that no US citizen would ever do. (Ok this is where the argument that if they didn't come here then people would have to pay better wages for these jobs.... I agree.) They are willing to do whatever it takes for their families and I LOVE that!!! The majority who come here don't come to traffic drugs, commit crimes or cause us grief. They come here solely to better their situations.
I could go on for hours and there would be an argument for every comment I make. I know there is and many of them I believe. I know we have worked for centuries to build this country, but illegal immigration is what this country was built on. I don't think anyone had permission to come here, but I am sure glad they did. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a citizen of this country, but I am not proud of what my country is doing! Illegals are human beings! They are not some old dog we can just kick around. We need to find a human way to take care of the situation WE have allowed to happen. We have had the blinders on for so long that we have allowed this to take place. We can't just change some laws and think it is going to solve the problem. We need to fix what we have done and then stop it from happening again. Do I have the answer? No! I have ideas, but I alone can't come up with the perfect answer. An immigration reform would be wonderful for my husband and I's situation. Maybe that would be a good answer. Allow all of those who are here the opportunity to EARN their visa's and green cards?!?! I don't know, but all I want is for us to be more Christian like and treat people with respect. I have to ask myself over and over What would Jesus do? Well I think we all know the answer to that. There are so many good people out there who don't have permission to be here, but I am so thankful they are. Some of the most influential people I have met were not members of my church or my leaders of my country, but illegal immigrants who were willing to give me the shirt off their back or help me through my situation. I love my husband's people and I am one who couldn't be prouder to be an advocate for them. I may not agree with how they got here, but I am not going to lower myself to treat them like (insert word here). I just pray everyday that the leaders of this country can come up with a humane answer to this problem.

There I said it. I am open to posts and I will not judge your reasonings behind your comment. I just ask that you do not attack my husband personally in any way. This is a place for me to vent and get things out and personal attacks are not welcome. Thanks!!!


  1. You know...I've been telling John that while I do not necessarily advocate illegal activities, whatever they are, I DO know several people who are similar to your husband--have been for YEARS trying to get all their citizenship stuff done and our system really makes it FAR more difficult than it should be. I'm not saying it should be some easy, automatic process, but really, we are penalizing so many hardworking people who are TRYING to follow the rules and get roadblocked all the time.

    So yes, bring on reform.

    This law really makes me question ever visiting Arizona. Not because I am an illegal citizen. Not even because I am hispanic or of Latin or Spanish descent--not one bit.

    But I 'look' like I am. And with this law, that's all they care about.

    And judging and asking for 'papers' based on one's looks??? me crazy, but it sounds awfully close to the tactics initially started by a man we remember as Hitler.

    Just saying.

  2. Michelle, WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS...THIS LAND WAS THE AMERICAN INDIANS' LAND AND WE STOLE IT.....!!! HOW can this country even try to kick out good hard working people really makes me sick, we ALL should be kicked out (except of couse the indians) there has to be a better way for them to figure this out...But on a different not, lol...I didnt think I would see you back so fast I didnt even get a chance to miss you yet (wink wink)

  3. Well, I for one think your husband is amazing...he's the daddy of Juanito. :)

  4. I totslly agree. I worry about going somewhere with my husband (first generation Hispanic) and being stopped and asked for papers because of looks.