Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I need help figuring out how to raise $ for Juanito's Wish

Finally Juanito's Wish is up and running! We have 2 complete boxes and supplies for 15 more. I should have the poem/scripture verses books back from the girls who are assembling them this weekend. We really are off to a good start! Thank God no one has needed a box, but it is only a matter of time.
So anyway I want to be able to donate more boxes to more rural hospitals, but do to all my many medical issues my funds are growing thin. I am in need of ideas and ways to raise some money just for Juanito's Wish!

Just as I was typing this the cutest little hummingbird came and visited me for a few minutes!!! Oh it was my little guy checking up on me!

OK back to my money issues...... Anyone have any good ideas???


  1. By when would you need the money? I have some ideas.. ;)

  2. You could do a fundraiser. Of course lots of time and money goes into that as well, but it can be really worth it.

    In my small town, we regularly have fundraisers for people who are sick/need help. It's dinner, dancing, and usually a small raffle. But when it's for a good cause, people really come out.

    I did a run/walk fundraiser for our community a month ago. That's a lot of work too, but we made good money. :) I'd be happy to give some direction.

  3. Oh, and one more thing, some of the fundraiser dinners we have are just simple outdoor bbq's, with music. They don't all have to be super fancy and tons of work.

    We also have a church group that regularly raises money by selling hotdogs, chips, & water by setting up at local fairs, car shows, craft events, etc. Easy and quick.

  4. you could just put up a paypal account on your blog and ask fellow bloggers to donate in their babies name..just a thought.