Saturday, September 11, 2010

100th blog post very near.....

So as I near my 100th blog post I am going to play the same question game that many of my fellow blogger friends have played. Leave me a question as a comment and I will be honest and answer it. It can be about anything you would like to know about me or my family (lets keep it clean though....LOL) For my 100th I have a very special post I have been working on that I hope my readers will enjoy. I know from reading other friends blog questions that this a a fun way to reach that milestone.

So let the questions begin!!!!!


  1. How has blogging helped your heart after Juanito's passing? I know it has helped me tremendously, even just to read what other's have to say on their blogs.
    This isn't part of the question, but I want one of those dolls, too! But,they are rather expensive, so I don't guess I will ever get one. Have you seen Heather Mohr's doll? It looks very much like Madelyn. (((HUGS)))

  2. Ok this is my question

    Where is your favorite place to vacation, and where would you have taken juanito for his first trip?

  3. I love these posts..... They are fun

    How did you and your husband meet? How has he changed your life?

  4. What is your favorite way to remember your son?

  5. Hi,

    Here is my question!

    How did you choose the name Juanito?


  6. What things throughout your everyday life that remind you of your sweet boy?

  7. Are there certain ways that you choose to honor and remember Juanito that are special to you or unique to you?

  8. I was wondering since you are a teacher , Has losing Juanito changed you as a teacher ? What grade do you teach ?