Thursday, September 23, 2010

The final question before the 100th post

This one comes from the mommy of 2 angels, Caroline. She asked,

Has losing Juanito changed you as a teacher ? What grade do you teach ?

Caroline, last year was really rough on me. I came back to my 3rd graders just 2 short weeks after I lost him and to be honest I was not ready. I had a team of teachers who were very willing to help out with lesson plans and it was just easier work wise to come back. I was very withdrawn and down. To make things worse we had some teachers who were making the whole school miserable. I developed a very bad depression and I am sure my students could tell. Fortunately I had the most amazing class last year and I absolutely loved them. They stepped up and took care of me. They knew I was hurting and their behavior in class became amazing! They tried harder and they wanted to please me. In a way they saved me. They distracted me enough that I was able to make it through each day. This year on the other hand is a rough group of kids. The socio-economic situation of the majority of my students is very low and so they need extra love and attention. I am more willing to do that for these kids. I have realized that it does not matter if they are not my own children God has sent them to be in my class for a reason and I am going to try and make a difference in their lives. Even if it is just one day and one small difference. So I guess Juanito's loss has made me a more caring person. He gave me something that I did not have before. He is such a special little guy and he definitely has made a huge difference in my life.

Thanks for the question!!!


  1. I am sure you are making a difference in these kids lives. I have always been a caring person, but my babies made me even more caring. Love that Juanito was able to give you a special gift.

  2. When I was teaching, I felt it was a mission for Christ and loved them all so much. I taught special kids, and many of them were from the same background as yours. Maybe losing Meredith made me see them in a different light.
    I have enjoyed all your answers!

  3. That is sweet and yes kids do have a way of helping. I know that losing a child is hard at any age or time but I remember the night I came home after my first loss. It seemed like my own children helped me not be so down. I agree it makes you see things in a different light.
    I have a daughter in the 3rd grade I was curious what grade you taught. I loved your answer too.
    Also thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog.