Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 24 hour heart monitor

I have been having heart palpitations for about 6 weeks and they do not seem to be slowing. I have severe thyroid issues and I all of a sudden was being over medicated. My levels dropped so low that they couldn't measure them. Low thyroid can cause palpitations so we figured that was the cause and lowered my medication. Well I have been on the lower dose and I am still having them. So I went into my doc and they did an EKG. I had this male nurse I had never met and I was a little embarrassed to be almost naked laying on the table. Yes I had a drape, but it sure didn't cover much...LOL. The results of the EKG looked pretty good and I managed to keep my composure. My doc wanted to have me do a halter monitor test just to make sure nothing too serious was happening. I have about 10 of these electrodes all over my chest and abdomen. I honestly do not anticipate this being anything serious. In fact I personally think it may be a form of anxiety. I have had a few panic attacks in the past, but over all I have not suffered from anxiety and I have never experienced heart palpitations. But I have been through a lot of trauma this past year and I know that it could just be manifesting itself. Hopefully we can get some clear cut answers by the middle of next week. For you enjoyment I have posted some beautiful pictures of my chest the the lovely white patches I have been sporting around. My 3rd graders think it is pretty cool that Mrs. Ramirez has white stickers stuck all over her with different colored wires, but they too are worried I am sick, so today for morning meeting I had to explain to them that I am OK and this is just to make sure everything is Ok with my heart.

My lovely patches and of course I own no high neck shirts that will fit me anymore, so I get to show them off!!!

It's amazing that this little device will measure everything they need to diagnose whats going on.

This is the stylish little case I get to wear around my waist. It brings back so many memories of the fanny pack era....LOL!!!


  1. I'm glad your doctor is monitoring you well! I also noticed some heart palpitations in the last couple of days. I called my doctor just to make sure and they said it was normal in pregnancy (at least for me) and that was it. I notice them more if I get anxious over something, so who knows. We've been through so much! Hope everything turns out ok. :)

  2. I remember wearing this too!! I was about 15 or so and I had to record all the activities I was doing at certain times so they can compare it to the ended up coming back as anxiety and as you know its been a life long struggle for me. i tired meds around 24yrs old and that didnt do a thing for me, except drug me up lol....I suggest (and of course even hard for me to follow) just relaxing each day as much as you can. drinking chamomile tea is good too, especially preggo cause it has no caffeine in it...its a natural relaxer....its so hard to have to control anxiety when you CANT control anxiety...good luck with the results!!

  3. I hope that everything is okay. The good news is that this should help them find if there is any issues so they can help you :) Please let us know when you have your results :) You are in my prayers! <3

  4. Praying so much everything turns out ok. Keeping you close to my heart !!


  5. Hope the holter shows everything is ok!

  6. Glad that you are in good hands and in good spirits about your stickers and wires! i hope everything is okay and that you and your rainbow are doing well. thinking of you - and it was lovely to see Juanito's Wish in the BabyCenter article for October 15!