Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question #2

This question comes from Antoinette, mommy to Alyssa. Her blog is private, so sorry friends no snooping allowed. Where is your favorite place to vacation, and where would you have taken Juanito for his first trip?

My favorite place to vacation is Mexico. I love it there. I have visited Cancun, Mexico City, and most of the state Jalisco. My husband is from a small town called Cofradia de la luz. It is about 2 hours outside of Guadalajara. I love to go down and just hang out with family and friends. Well and going to news places is pretty fun too.

I have a tradition with my kids that just before their 2nd birthday I take them down to meet the family. Once they turn 2 you have to pay for 2 plane tickets you know....LOL! It is just us 2 out to have a good time and bond with Juan's family. We would have had small family vacations before hand, camping trips, over nighters, weekends with my family, but Juanito's very first big vacation would have been to go to Mexico with his mommy. It's hard to think we won't be able to do that, but next time I go I will take a piece of him with me and leave it there, so he can always be a part of that special trip with me.

Thanks Ann for the question. It was a very good one!!!


  1. I love going to Guadalajara. It is very pretty there. I think it is a great idea to take the kids there to meet the family.

  2. Michelle you made me laugh so hard about 'snooping' on my blog!!!

    I love love mexico too, as you know i got married in puerto vallarta in a small area called mismaloya..and i would have loved to bring alyssa there too to see where we got married....i like you going there and bringing a piece of him to have there forever!!! very cool!!

  3. I also looooove Mexico! We went there on our honeymoon and had a blast! xo

  4. I love that tradition with your children....wishing sweet little Juanito could have gone with you as well....xoxo