Friday, September 17, 2010

Question #5

This question comes from Jack's mom, Melissa. She asked how did you choose the name Juanito?

In the Mexican culture or at least where my husband is from they are really big with naming children after their parents. Juan (my husband) had always said he wanted to name a son after him. The only problem is that Juan is an extremely common name and our last name is probably just as common. We have had so many problems with the mix-up of identification since we were married that I absolutely refused to do that to my children. Juan was accused of owing the state of Utah several grand for drug possesion charges that were never paid and we had to go to court and have his finger prints taken (which he has to carry with him at all times in case he was ever to be pulled over) just to prove it was not him. We have vehicle registrations from all over the state sent to our house of vehicles we do not own. He has had bill collectors harass him for past due accounts which were not his. Anyway I'm sure you get the picture. So when we found out that our 3rd was a boy I REFUSED to give him the first name of Juan. We did give him Juan's middle name though. After I got pregnant with Juanito Juan started teasing me again that this one was going to be Juan or Juana. Of course I laughed him off and said we will find a name to agree on. We did not know Juanito was a boy until I delivered him. We hadn't even really discussed names. Then one of the nurses from the night shift told us she wanted to make a crib card and name card for us. She asked if we had a name. I just looked over at Juan and said I want to name him after his daddy. So all the paperwork they gave us in the hospital says Juan. I felt it was perfect, but we had a problem. Every time we tried to talk about the baby and we said Juan our other kids were confused and thought we were talking about their dad, so we started to say Little Juan. Then one day one of us said Juanito which is Little Juan in Spanish. It just seemed to fit and that is what he has been known as ever since.


  1. I love it! :) i love hearing how names are picked. xxxx

  2. I love it and it's neat to hear how people choose names. My kids all have a meaning behind there's.

    Caroline :)

  3. What a sweet story about choosing your sweet little one's name! I love the photos you used at the top of your blog to spell out Juanito's name.