Monday, September 20, 2010

Question #6

This next question comes from Jenna's mommy Franchesca. She asked,

What things throughout your everyday life remind you of your sweet boy?

This is kind of a hard one to put into words for me, but I'm going to do my best! Juan and I hung up 2 very special name portraits of Juanito's name in our bedroom. One is made by you Fran from Jenna's alphabet (I have it laid out across the top of my blog under my header, but the one on our wall is on canvas and looks amazing!!!) and the other was painted by Stephanie ( you can see a picture of it in her gallery.) Every morning I wake up to those 2 portraits and he is the first thing that I think about. I have loved having him there with us as we sleep. It is nice to know that my little angel is watching over me every night. Often times any little green creature ( green birds, green butterflies, green dragonflies, green bugs) will make me think of my boy too. I think he probably would have loved bugs and gross things. He would have caught them in mason jars and brought them in to show me. I'm sure he would have also scared the crap out of me on occasion with the hiding of these "green things" in places we should not keep them too. Other things that make me think about all of my boys are stick horses and little boys in cowboy hats. My hubby is a modern cowboy and he loves to dress his boys in hats and boots. I know without a doubt that Juanito would have been one too. Whenever I see little ones dressed up I can't help but wonder what he would have looked like. I'm sure he would have been just as handsome as my other boys in the house. In fact his memory box has a little cowboy hat on a wooden stick horse burnt into the lid. These are all very pleasant to me an I just love to see them. Of course the occasional surprise of someone writing his name is a lot of fun too.

There are also different things that bug or upset me when they happen in everyday life. We have a few acquaintances that call my husband Juanito and I hate it!!! He is not Juanito! He is Juan. I have told them time and time again that Juanito is our son not my husband but they just don't get it. I have chosen to stay away from them for the time being. I also hate when people tell me that we should have named out 3rd son Juan or call him Juanito because he looks like his daddy. Yes my 3rd looks identical to his dad when his dad was a boy only in light skin, but he is named after his dad. They have the same middle name, which happens to be a family name. But we do have a son named Juanito after his daddy. He just isn't here for you to look at and admire. He's not with us to hear all the comparisons to his big brothers and daddy. He is not going to get that recognition like is big brothers and sister do. I know that none of these people are doing it to hurt us, but it is a very hurtful reminder every time it happens. We only have ONE Juanito in our family and he is very special to us.

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  1. I know that feeling about names and people not saying them right. I love the names you had for him and the ones displayed on this blog. I'm working on something special for you . Could you email me your address.