Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Question #7

This question was submitted by Noah's mommy Celia.

Are there certain ways that you choose to honor and remember Juanito that are special to you or unique to you?

Celia I honest don't know if they are unique, but they are important to me. One of the biggest things I have decided and this has been within the last couple of months is that I am not going to worry about talking about him with people. I bring him up in conversations and if someone asks about my children I make sure to include him, even if it is just to say I have an angel in Heaven. I have chosen to honor him by talking about him. It don't care if they know me or not.

Another thing we have done is we have things that remind us about him throughout the house. We have his memorial plaque in a pot with a beautiful plant and his grave flowers in our living room. We have his name portraits hung in special rooms in our house. I keep his memory box on a shelf that we see everyday. My laptop wallpaper is a picture of us at the cemetery with him.

I don't know if this was the answer you were looking for, but I think I am your typical BLM and I do whatever I can to remember him and keep his memories alive. My biggest fear is that someday I will forget. I don't want this pain to ease because that might mean I will lose him. If that makes sense.

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