Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only 6 weeks left and I need ideas how to remember him by...

In just 6 short weeks it will have been 1 yr. since I was forced to say goodbye to my sweet baby boy. To be honest it doesn't feel like it has even been 3 months. It feels like it was just yesterday. All the emotions that have been involved this past year have been the most incredible and intense emotions I have ever felt. Yes I was emotional when I was married and yes I was emotional with the birth or each child, but these emotions are very different and a different kind of intense. I miss my baby boy so much! I really do. I know that someday I will be given the opportunity to be with him and make up for all this lost time, but that doesn't make this journey any less painful. I keep telling myself that there is a plan set in place and that loosing Juanito was part of that plan. I just need to put my trust in God and He will guide me through this plan. So far I have tried to do just that and so far things have gone as smoothly as they possible can for having had to bury my child....

I having been thinking for a long time what I want to do for his 1st angelversary and to be honest the only think I can think of is to somehow raise more money for Juanito's Wish. I really want to be able to expand this cause out to more rural hospitals. I have about 50 boxes ready to fill, but unfortunately Juan's work has really slowed and I am unable to purchase the items to fill, so those boxes are sitting in my cold room waiting to be sent off for more grieving parents. I need thoughts and ideas as to how I can get more donations (Big or small every dollar helps!) coming in to help out this cause. I know that the hospital I sent the first 10 boxes to has had to give out 2 of their boxes. I got word back that the parents were so grateful for the them and I want to continue to bring some kind of peace to grieving parent's hearts. If you have any thoughts or ideas as to how I can do this PLEASE leave a comment and let me know. I already have a donate button on the right side of this blog, but I need help getting the word out.


  1. Michelle-
    I am in a similar "spot" too. I have all these big dreams and plans for Kyle's Angels and I just can't seem to get anyone to see them too. Not even my in-laws have donated to the cause. They don't get emails anymore. I did a couple of things that have gotten me a few responses over time. I made my own newsletter. The first issue I emailed out to family. The seccond issue I physically mailed. I also went to the hospital and put copies up in the NICU family room. I pretty much beg and plead with anyone I know to at least spread the word if they cannot donate. I also took out an ad in a local sales paper that appeared yesterday for the first time.

    To make giving easier I don't just ask for money. I ask for donation of items, gently used items that the NICU may be able to use, handmade items, etc. I didn't do this last year on the big items, and I should have - put your name on everything you donate. I just got an email today from a mom who has my ornaments I made last year. She received them when her twins were in the NICU. I should have put Kyle's Angels on the swings we donated to the NIUC last year - we will when we donate the musicals items this year.

    I wish I had more time to devote to Kyle's Angels. I created a blog, facebook page and web aite just for Kyle's Angels.

    Feel free to email me any time -

  2. You could also post it on like a facebook page if you have one or ask friends to do the same thing to raise awareness. Best of luck. I will donate as soon as I can. Its just a bit tight right now

  3. Set up a page seperate dedicated to this on FB or Blogger. Maybe that will work. Can you do flyers for your church or places you frequent?

  4. It can be hard to get people to donate or to participate sometimes. I would def like to donate but will have to wait a little since we are still recovering from me being off for maternity leave. I agree on a separate blog/facebook page. That seems to do well!

  5. Michelle, I hear ya, it's really difficult to decide what to do for Gracie's birthday too. I'm planning on putting comfort basket together for the hospital to the family of a stillborn baby. Other than that I'm at a loss for what to do.