Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!!

I had a really nice balloon release planned for today along with cake and ice cream, but Mother Nature had other plans and it is literally snowing slush. Ann suggested making a snowman and some snow angels in his honor, but that didn't work out to well. The snow is too wet. So We will postpone the celebrations until tomorrow or maybe even Friday. I feel bad but I know you understand little guy.
For those of you who want to get in on the giveaway you will have a couple more days to do it. I have decided to give away a digital picture key chain. That way you can always have pictures of your loved ones or angel with you at all times. I will still do some smaller gifts on January 10th as planned, so you still have plenty of time.

Here are some of the pictures fellow BLMs made for Juanito today along with the 100's of Facebook comments. I have felt so loved!!! Thank you so much for all the support this past year!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1yr ago today

Today marks 1 year since I found out that Juanito had returned to be with Jesus. On Dec. 22nd I had my big US. His fluid was still low, but everything else looked good. The SCH was nowhere to be seen and he was very active. Our only problem was that he decided to be shy and not let us know the sex. Because my fluid was low they scheduled another US for Dec. 28th and we would once again take a peek and see what we would be having. I arrived at the doctor's office around 12:15 and I had to wait. I wasn't taken back until after 1:00pm. As soon as the tech placed the wand on my belly I knew something was wrong. His fluid was extremely low and he wasn't moving like the week before. I was the one who finally said those dreaded words.... His heart has stopped!!! The tech confirmed it over and over for me. She even came back after telling my doctor and checked again, but there was no heartbeat. I was all alone! I never expected there to be anything wrong and I couldn't get ahold of Juan. He had left his cell in his truck (It took 2 hours to finally get ahold of him.) The first person I told was my dad. I was bawling hysterically and all I could say was the baby was gone. My dad handed the phone to my mom and she hopped into her car and headed up to be with us. My doc immediately took me back and placed seaweed sticks into my cervix to ripen it and sent me home to prepare for the delivery and try to comprehend everything that had just happened.

To this day I am still trying to comprehend what happened and why it had to happen to me. I would never wish this on anyone, but I just wish it didn't have to happen to me!!! I love and miss you so much baby boy!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Juanito's Birthday Giveaway!

With Juanito's birthday fast approaching (Dec. 29th) I thought I should get a post up about it. As all of you know we have started Juanito's Wish in honor of our son. We make and fill memory boxes to donate to rural hospitals for grieving parents. When I had Juanito I had no idea what to expect after his birth. Other than my cousin who lost a baby boy 1 month prior to myself nobody in my family had ever lost a baby to stillbirth. Here in Utah in the larger hospitals there is a program set in place for parents who lose a child. A representative from this organization comes in and takes care of all the parent's needs. Not to mention send them home with tons of things to remember their baby by. This organization took such good care of us and they eased the pain we were feeling at that time. My cousin was not given those opportunities and I never want to have that happen to another grieving mother again, so Juanito's Wish makes and fills the memory boxes to donate to those hospitals who do not have an organization in place.
Here are a few pictures of 2 of the boxes that have been donated so far.

In hopes to raise more money for the cause I have decided to hold several giveaways. I have been given gift cards (Cold Stone Ice Cream, Target, Jamba Juice, Walmart and a few others that are still pending their arival) crafting supplies/scrapbooking supplies and figurines to give away and I can't wait to do so!!! I will keep the giveaway open until January 10th. With all the upcoming holidays I figured that I needed to give a little extra time. One big prize will be given away on Juanito's Birthday for anyone who has entered and the remaining will be done the evening of January 10th.

There are 2 ways to enter for these giveaways.
1. Post about Juanito's upcoming birthday and giveaway on your blog for 1 entry.
2. Make a donation. Every dollar donated equals 1 entry. So $5=5 entries.
There is a Chip In button in the upper right hand column of this blog . It will direct you to Paypal where your donation can be made securely.
Once you have made your donation or blogged about the giveaway please leave me a comment telling me how much you donated or a link to your blog and I will put you in for the entries.